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nokia 9

It is very fantastic to know that NOKIA is getting back to ACTION as. WOW! It would be very amazing. Nokia 9 Review will be wonderful.

The well-liked and most favored company is getting back to position. The Nokia was developed in 1998 by the FINNISH company. it designed excellent phones earlier but in the past years the company was down and now again it is in action. Nokia is now developing phones powered by android. You can check the popularity by Nokia 9 Review from users.

NOKIA 9 Price and Release Date:

The company has not yet announced the release date of this phone but the company has  claimed its new features and the technology used in it. The company claimed that it will be released in early February 2018 and will  be the great achievement by the company.

Price:57,000 Rs.

NOKIA 9  unique specs Details

The NOKIA introduces its new and latest mobile  which will be amazingly best phone among all the brands in the world. NOKIA is now in action and it will prove to be a  great company in the world.

Now NOKIA is coming with great enthusiasm and the amazing phone NOKIA 9 Review will  be  very helpful to make the company as popular as earlier. The technology is almost latest as usual and it will be launched soon.

The reader can guess its quality by viewing its special  features.  This phone has an excellent and perfect outlook and design. The body is very slim and it is more beautiful than any other phone. The Nokia 9 Review contains a 3d touch system and a large display which effects the resolution and video quality of the phone. It is expected that the phone  will stand at a great height in the world of technology.

It is a fact that the outlook  and  design of the phone affects its popularity to a great extent. this phone  is rich in all these so it will be a popular phone of the world and it will play a vital role in promoting the company to a high level and recover the lost popularity also. When we compare its quality and outlook  to other phones or brands, we can easily conclude that  NOKIA 9  is the most special phone among all these phones.

Nokia 9 Specs Detail

The Phone has a 41 MEGA PIXELS  Camera with fine focus and clear result of cameras is another awesome feature of this phone. It is powered by android and android uses its latest version to run this phone. The processor has also high performance and  large storage space and extended RAM meet the standard needs of the user. It provides LTE network and besides all this  it has a great  battery timing. The body is very strong so it will give a good protection to the phone and prevent it from damaging.

The another speciality of the  phone is that the phone has a 41 MEGA PIXELS. The amazing camera phone is being developed by the company. Here you can guess the quality of the rear camera from the above picture. it has a great mechanism and quality. The NOKIA  users and lovers will definitely be inspired by these extra and  special features of the phone.

  1. Technology:


This  shows  that the phone has a great network speed with 4G and 3G bands .

  1. Launch:

The  Release date of this phone has not been yet announced but it is expected to be released in the start of year 2018.

  1. Display:

AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 16M colors

The phone contains special feature of 16M colors which is only given by the high quality phones so it is also a high quality phone.

5.5” screen (83.4cm2)

1440*2560 pixels (16:9 ratios)

Multi-touch feature enabled

Protected with corning Gorilla Glass 5

  1. Body:

The dimensions are not yet confirmed by the company

Weight: not yet confirmed by the company

Built with aluminum frame and back, front glass

Supports Dual SIM (second can be used as a card too)

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