OnePlus 5T Get Specs & Price

The amazing Latest phone of the brand OnePlus 5T Review which would NEVER SETTLE

The company introduced a new model recently in November 2017. This phone is the summation of several features of old phones in one place. The phone became amazingly popular in short interval of time in the whole world due to its design, features and outlook.

Oneplus 5T Price & Release Date

OnePlus company announced that the sale will begin from 21st November 2017 in all over the World. Unfortunately it has been not launched in some countries such as Pakistan, Kenya, and others but I hope that it will be launched in almost all the remaining countries.

Price: 70,000 RS

Oneplus introduces 3T model in 2016 but that is not as popular as the model under discussion. The company is originally of the china and these phones are assembled in various countries by the authority of china. They are becoming the most popular phones and the company seems to challenge the world top and popular phone companies in the coming days. I would suggest buying this phone because it provides us the latest features of android. It is the top best android phone launched recently.

Oneplus 5T Unique Specs Details

It comes in a wide range of blinking colors. But it is a disappointing fact about this phone is not a solid phone. It can perform dis operation and can also be damaged by the slight mistake.

The user should take care about this phone. It is not water resistant as the other companies are manufacturing water resistant phones these days. That is why it is not a most special phone but some of its features are very outstanding which attract the user to it. The phone gives a good interface to the user. This phone is designed by using the latest technology.

It contains 16M colors of the capacities touch screen. It does not contain 3D touch system. This phone got a great popularity at first and they are maintained even today.

It provides LTE network and the storage space is also extended. It contains aluminum frame on its sides which protects it from damaging. The front glass is set on the screen to provide full protection to the screen and touch function. It also contains dual flashlight.

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