Panasonic Eluga C Review & Spec – Price

Panasonic is an old as well as popular company in the world. This brand was developed by Matsusita in 1955 for the region of America. The brand developing country is Japan. It means that it is a high quality phone’s brand. It is now developing both high quality and low range phones. The company is now launching Panasonic Eluga C about in the mid of  December 2017.

Panasonic Eluga C Price and Realease Date

The company has announced the latest features and price of the phone. Panasonic Eluga C was announcced to be released in November 2017 and is releasing in this month December 2017 and this phone is a low range phone. It means that it has a low price and has latest features.

Price= RS. 15198.80

Panasonic Eluga C unique specs details

Panasonic is launching its latest phone this month Panasonic Eluga C having excellent features. The company is developing this phone with a great passion and zeal. This phone is carrying some new and smart functions in it. The phone will be hopefully a popular one ever developed by Panasonic.

The company became popular in the recent years and its market and ratings was high in the world of phones and due to its popularity several countries introduced and developed Panasonic phones. This step lead the brand to become a successful company in the world. This company is popular even today and has amazingly maintained its position and ratings in the world. This phone will be launched soon.

Panasonic Eluga C has a good performance and latest features. The company introduced several latest and new functions in its software. The software is designed for the ease of the user and also the phone contains extended internal storage to overcome the needs of the user.

It is the most special phone of Panasonic having a large LCD display with capacitive touch screen feature and also with high resolution. The phone has a great and amazing design and outlook. The build style of the phone is also outstanding. Panasonic introduced a new design and outlook for its phones in this model. There is a button located at the front and button of the phone which adds to its beauty.

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This phone is developed in the series of Eluga and it will be launched in several countries after the release. The company is expected to add some more features and improve the existing before launch.

The phone is buikd with plastic body that means it has not a good protection against the LCD, touch-system and also the phone’s operating system. The phone is powered by Android 7.0 (Nougat). The phone contains an octa-core processor with very smooth working. The processor performance is very efficient and up-to several hours without any disturbance. The phone also contains a memory card slot of up to 256 GB SD card memory.

Panasonic Eluga C has dual rear cameras by which company has improved the results and also focus. The front camera is also good and has an outstanding performance. The rear cameras have also a high quality LED flash. The price of the phone is very low but it offers all the latest features in it. There is also fingerprint present on the bottom front of the phone. The Panasonic Eluga C has front camera located at the bottom of the phone near to the button.

The battery life of the phone is also good and definitely the standby time of the battery is outstanding. The Panasonic phones have a great battery life so this phone has also great battery life. The battery is made of Li-Ion technology so that the user wouldn’t face the problems of short battery timings.

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