Vivo V7 Review & Specs – Price

Vivo is the latest company of phones developed by China to overcome the shortcomings of technology. This is a great step by china. This brand was first registered in 2009 and up till today it has been registered in over 100 countries. In 2014 Vivo started its market and launched high quality phones in several countries but unfortunately it didn’t become a successful and popular company in the world.

Vivo V7 Price:

The phone specs show that it will be a god quality phone and the price is not so high in my point of view. The phone contains some extra features with new technology and software. It has a good user interface.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 23161
Price in USA: USD $ 357.70

Vivo V7 Release Date:

This phone announced in November 2017 and yet not released. It will be released in this month as soon as possible. It will be a successful smart phone from the brand.

 Announced: November 2017

Released: Expected to be released in November 2017

Vivo V7 Specifications:

The phone contains all the latest features and functions  and has great result of cameras. The phone storage is also extended as compared to the previous models. V7 contains an octa core processor and also has a feature of multi-touch for the ease of user.  We can also insert a memory card in it up to  256 GB. It contains a dual SIM support and also an excellent network speed. The battery life is also extended and besides this phone contains some other special features.

Vivo V7 has a great outlook, shape and design. The phone is very smart and slim and it contains the finger print on rear side. There are several sensors added to this phone. The USB port and 3.5mm audio jack are put at the bottom of the phone. The battery is also non-removable.

It contains some extra features like photo and video editor and also the document viewer. The fingerprint is made of latest technology and high quality and it is very sensitive. It supports 1080 video and of a great quality. It is the honor of company to add a chip-set of Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 to the phone. It makes the quality  of the phone  better.

Vivo V7 Specification Review:

The other advantage is that it has a wide screen and wide interface for the user. It can be amazingly said that with all these extra features and latest technology it has a very low price.Vivo has now made a reasonable effort and they are now able to become a famous brand on an international level.

China made several brands but this brand is almost special and they made a big effort in promoting the brand. Recently Vivo has become a good company in Asia as well as all over the world. This was made possible when they added some special features and more and more functions. The new upcoming model is Vivo V7 expected to be launched in November 2017. Overall we can guess  it a good quality phone.

The phone contains some  extra,new and latest features to satisfy the user but the shortcoming of this phone are that it supports 720p video recording and it there is no feature of fast charging. The phone contains the older USB port.

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